Monday, August 1, 2011


Worship is what I'm called to do. It's my passion. It's what makes! It's how I feel closest to God. It's how I connect.

If you've known me since I was a kid you know that I love to sing. I would sing anywhere and everywhere I possibly could. I'd sing to anyone who ask me to. I'd sing to people who didn't ask me to :) Thankfully I've grown up (a little) and God is using my passion for singing on a weekly basis. It's so cool to be able to do what your passionate about each week and best of all for God. It means so much to me when someone says "your worship touched me" or "God really spoke to me today through worship"! My heart melts with joy when I hear these things.

Revolution Church

I went through a "dry" season if you will. I considered stepping down from the worship team. I was so caught up in trivial things that I could not focus on worship. I told God either give me your anointing or remove me PLEASE! I do not want to be just another singer. I want to be anointed to lead your people in worship. After a few months I let go of the "trivial" things and God's anointing began to flow. I felt free to lead and worship. I had not told anyone what I had been praying about. My Pastor's wife ask me "what happened? You went from singing, to being anointed." She gave me much needed confirmation from the Lord. 

It's no accident that J and I are married. His passion is worship. We've always known we were called to be worship leaders. We would always say things like, "one day when we travel and lead worship" or "when" or "if"....all of these things were just talk an no action. We went last October to lead worship for a small group of people in Glen Rose, Texas. We LOVED it! It was nothing big or grand from a worldly point of view, but from God's point of view it was just what He wanted to see! It was the thing that pushed us forward. It was at this camp that God whispered "just one step"! He spoke to both of us. We knew exactly what we needed to do. Why were we waiting? Why were we saying "when" and "if"? All we had to do was take just a little step in the direction that we were called to. We weren't quitting everything and doing something on a whim. We were simply taking one step forward.

We sought counsel from a mentor/worship leader that J grew up with. His prayers and wise words meant so much to both of us.

We started a website If you check out our website you'll see that in 10 months we've had more opportunities to lead worship than ever before!

We contacted anyone and everyone that we knew who would possibly be looking for worship leaders. Now, can we quit our jobs and do it full time?....not yet...but soon!!!!!! It was that one small step that gave us confidence and courage to move towards our calling.

Our church, Heart of Praise has allowed us to grow as leaders. We have learned and are still learning so much. We have our main Worship Pastor and 4 other worship leaders. Our Worship Pastor allows us to rotate who is leading on Sunday mornings. This gives J and I the freedom to lead and speak what God is saying. It is such a blessing to serve on a team that fully supports you! It's a blessing that our pastors are excited to see us step out and lead at other places.

What's your one step? What's the one thing you could do to step towards your calling? Your desires? Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction.

Don't be a "lurker" leave comments!! Let me know what your one step is?


  1. Checking it out now Mallory! Maybe if I play it loud enough in the halls of work (I work at the Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock!) they'll give you a call! haha

    Love hearing about your walk with God. Makes me want to be a better Christian!

  2. that sounded makes me strive to be a better Christian! lol

  3. I like it :)
    even if its not on your website were I can show it to others on my "i" devices ;0

  4. Good to hear you guys sing again. So many things I'd like to write but I'll try to say more with less. Anointing is often used in the church to describe gifting. However, to anoint, by definition, means 'to pray for'. Through the act of anointing consecration may occur and that seems a more fitting way to explain your calling. You are both consecrated, set apart, devoted and dedicated. You have been consecrated by the Lord to serve in worship, to share your gifting. I hope to continue to hear more about your works and I've no doubt you will lead many to His kingdon. (not too many words I hope :)

  5. Wow! I'm finally catching up with the blog and am happy to see you guys stepping out in new adventures of worship together!

  6. Thank you all for not being "lurkers"! I love reading comments! It encourages me so much!

  7. Hey girl...I had to find this blog again so I could post my "one step" :)

    :) luv ya!


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