Monday, July 11, 2011


Just thought i'd do a fun little post about things that make me excited!

Custom Birth Announcement
I made this cute birth announcement for Ella's room on Photoshop. I had it printed on an 8x10 canvas at Walmart. They even shipped it to my house for free! I haven't actually hung it up yet but I will soon or J will. Does anyone else have a husband who refuses to let you "just eye-ball it"? All things in our house are perfectly center and level. :) ps If you'd like to have one of these custom made for you I can do it! I'll be opening up a shop soon with very cute prints! I'm so excited about it and i've been working on several other things to put in the shop!

No Bake Cookies

These cookies are AMAZING! They are super easy and you probably have all the ingredients at your house already! Here is the recipe I used. Peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate! I mean who wouldn't be excited about that?? 

Organized Bottles

I feel excited in my stomach when I walk by and see that Ella's bottles are drying in an organized fashion! Who's with me on this?...anyone.?...ok, yeah so maybe just me.

Lazy Mondays 

I love having Mondays off with J. On Sunday nights I get excited when I think about monday. "it's Monday Monday" (my version of the song "Friday") I say "lazy" but usually they consist of catching up on things around the house. But sometimes we sneak in a nap. J is trying to sneak in one of those naps in this picture but I keep turning the light on to take pics. 

Orange Nails

Having my nails painted just plain makes me happy. I get excited every time I see them. I hate long nails and i've never had fake ones because I don't think they can do them that short. But I absolutely love having them painted. J usually paints my toe's....go ahead.."awwww" I know, I know, sweet right?

Jack Bauer

"Jack Bauer test positive for steroids. Not because he takes steroids, it's because steroids are made from Jack Bauer." We cancelled our cable last year so we started finding shows to watch on Netflix. 24 is great! We are now on season 4 and Jack Bauer is still kicking butt! Modern day Walker Texas Ranger for sure. I get excited when I hear the ticking clock...

New Jewelry

I was so excited yesterday when Laura handed me my order from Splendor. Her jewelry is really cute and very reasonable. I immediately opened it and switched out my earrings and put on the ring! Please check out her store here to purchase some new jewels for yourself. 

Ella Napping

This is obviously not a great picture since she is swinging in her swing. I get excited when Ella naps because I can do things like blog, nap, clean, eat, use the know normal things!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Leave a comment and let me know what makes you excited?? 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Don't Weep

"Sleep, don't weep, my sweet love
Your face is all wet and your day was rough
So do what you must do to find yourself
Wear another shoe, paint my shelf
Those times that I was broke, and you stood strong
I think I found a place where I..."
-Damien Rice

I've been inspired by a friend to be transparent about life. My life is far from perfect. I tend to write only about the good things. But it's in the tough things that God works. It's in the tough things that you grow and learn. It's in the tough things that someone else can relate to you. 

Money is little. Sleep is little. Emotions are running high. Pretty sure I had a minor melt down last night. Thankfully I have a husband who just shut our door and let me sleep while he cleaned the house even though my melt down was directed at him. "Love your wife as Christ loves the church." Thats probably hard to do when your wife just yelled at you about diapers ;)

It's in these times that God speaks the loudest. It's also in these times I hear the enemy LOUDER! "Your not good enough, thats already been done, who would want that, who would want to listen to you, your dreams are ridiculous, you're a copy cat, you don't have time, her house looks better" These plus many more things run through my head while i'm praying about my next steps in life. How is it that we have such a big God yet the enemy's voice always seems to be bigger?

Honestly I haven't quite figured that last question out yet. I do know that all of those things are lies. I know what i'm called to do, who i'm called to be, and even though I don't know the "hows" and "whens" of it, I know God has it planned out for me and i'm living in that plan NOW.

I'm a confident person. I'm not easily embarrassed. I don't let things "get" to me. But lately....i've been letting things get to me. My confidence is down a few degree's. But it's OK! That doesn't mean that i'm unhappy or hate my life or want everything to change. It just means God is refining me. 

"For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver." Psalm 66:10

You have probably heard about how silver is "refined" but just in case you haven't..... The sliver has to be held so that the hottest part of the flame can burn away the impurities. The sliver smith has to continue to scrape away whatever junk comes to the top until he can look at the piece of sliver and see his reflection. 

God is burning off my impurities and he is going to keep doing it until he can see his reflection in me. We are made in his image. I'm very thankful for the tough times. I know that i'm being refined daily and that it will never stop. Each day I'm growing closer to Him.

So bottom line
There will never me enough time in the day.
Someone's house will ALWAYS look better than yours.
Your friend/neighbor/co-worker will always make more money than you do.
You will always feel like you could have done more.
You will make mistakes.

But LIVE. Live life the best you can possibly live it. Live it with JOY. Live it with PEACE. Live it with a SMILE on your face. Wake up each day and choose to kiss your husband, your cat, your kids more! Talk to your baby while you change the grosses diaper you've ever seen. Teach your kids patience. Ask for help. 

"being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."  Philippians 1:6
Sleep, don't weep, my sweet love

Please let me know what you think! Leave comments! Don't hide behind the computer!!! Share your thoughts, your story could help someone else :)