Friday, March 11, 2011


I have only posted one official "look at my belly" pic on FB. I decided to share with you Ella Claire's growth pictures. Especially since my last post talked about how I haven't gained weight, I wanted to be sure you knew that she is growing! These are personal pics that have, up until this point only been on my iphone! But if you are going to have a blog you should put up pics! Now all the pics have been taken by me in the mirror (which I HATE doing) but if you know my husband he has no "picture" taking patience with me (i'm rather difficult to work with) so that only leaves me to take the pics! We tried to take pics at Christmas in front of the tree and after about 25 pics and an outfit change I decided it was best for me to just do it :)
So here you go.....Ella Claire's growth so far!

(I love how in the first two i'm dying to show off my nearly non existent bump and have no clue what to do with my arm. "I don't know what to do with my hands right now" - Ricky Bobby)

15 weeks

20 weeks

25 weeks

35 weeks

I officially have 4wks 5days left! I look at the pic above and can't imagine getting bigger than that! All you momma's are probably laughing thinking "she has no idea what the next 4wks 5days are going to do to her!" You're right and I don't want to know! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Time is flying by! I can't believe that my "what to expect" app on my phone says 6 weeks left! This is insane to me. I remember getting the app on my phone when I found out I was pregnant and scrolling through to the end and praying God would take us to that point with a healthy baby and here I am!!

I had my 34 week Dr's appt yesterday where I was SCOLDED for losing the only 4lbs i've actually gained in this pregnancy! You heard right 4lbs. Now lets remember that I was a very sick gal for many months and lost right around 20lbs. I had only gained back 4 of that and now i've gained back zero! Some of you may be thinking "gosh she is lucky" while others are shaking your heads in disgust that I don't feed my baby! Let me reassure you....I eat! I just don't eat a lot. I also have been sick for a bout a week with some sort of virus. I ended up at the Texas Med Clinic last week only to have them tell me there isn't anything they can do (which there isn't). I had a semi embarrassing moment while I was there that included me almost passing out and being put in a wheel chair and rolled back to some "trauma" room with my feet elevated, an ice pack on my neck, water, & crackers. Not the best day! J also had to leave work and come get me because they didn't want me to drive home. Lets remember that all of this happened while in the middle of trying to talk to a very nice Dr. who I happen to know and came out to say hi and check on me!

I'm getting really excited about celebrating Ella Claire with my friends and family at an upcoming shower. Thanks to all the gals who are getting it together! It means the world to me!!!

Last but not least. My dreams are coming true! My mother is moving to TEXAS!!!!!! I'm head over heels in excitement!! She will get to be a part of Ella Claire's life on a DAILY basis. The best part is that she is in a hurry to get here. So this is not a "someday" thing. This is a "as soon as my house sells or I get a job i'm packing!" So please be praying with us. She has a God ordained interview this Thursday at 1pm. Did I mention how good God is? She didn't make this decision over night. She has been fervently praying for a long time and God is opening and closing doors in such a clear way! Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I try to say that "Ella needs her grandma, or it's just not fair for her to grow up with only half of her family" when in reality I am the one who needs my mom! 6 years living 12 hours away is all I can handle!!!!!

Also please check out my friends blog for a chance to win BabyLegs and to be inspired by her writing. It's amazing and i'm addicted to reading it and know you will be too! Read this post in particular to hear just a portion of her testimony.

Be looking for a "Nursery" update coming your way soon :)