Thursday, October 28, 2010

16 Weeks!

Just thought i'd give you a little pregnancy update! For those of you who have been around me you already know that these first 16 weeks have been, well lets just say less than ideal. I always thought to myself "hmmm i've never been one of those sick people so when I get pregnant it will be so easy and i'm tough so it won't get me down or change my circumstances" HAHAHA boy was I wrong! I've been throwing up every day since week 7. This resulted in weight loss of almost 20lbs and a trip to the ER receiving 2 liters of fluid and the MIRACLE drug Zofran! Seriously Zofran was created in Heaven! Since we got the vomiting down to just the mornings i've been feeling much better! Then we find out I have something called Hyperthyroidism. Yeah I've never heard of it either. Apparently my thyroid is very overactive. I'm now on medicine that I have to take three times a day! THREE TIMES! Who has time for that? But I did find out today that it's working. Praise the Lord!
Meanwhile i've been able to see our sweet baby much more than anticipated and he/she is doing GREAT! Growing so fast!

I've started to feel the baby move. It's more like a rolling feeling if you could imagine that or if you've been pregnant before you know what I mean. I also rented a doppler. Best thing ever! I can listen to the heartbeat every day!

Funny story. I recorded the heartbeat on my phone and sent it to the Grandparents. This will be my Mom and Dad's first grand-baby so the word "excited" doesn't come close to describing how "excited" they are! My Dad calls to tell me that he has been letting other people hear the heartbeat! He says "I went into the John-Deer place and let Delores hear the heartbeat! That's just the coolest thing! How did you do that anyways?" My Dad is a farmer for those of you who don't know my family. So the John-Deer place is a frequent stop for him. He use to take my brother and I with him when he would go and the very sweet lady Delores would give us penny's so we could get a piece of bubble gum from her little machine. I know that He will be taking my kids with him on these trips to the "John-Deer place" too. These memories melt my heart! My Dad is one of the hardest working people I know and also one of the most loving. His name will be Papa Den (his real name is Dennis).

(yes that is a real gap in my teeth....braces people braces)

I love living in San Antonio and I'm so thankful for J's amazing family and my church family but, this pregnancy has left me missing my family back home so much. I long for a day that I could be closer to them! Having a baby that only gets to see their grandparents on holiday's or a few times a year is really hard for me to swallow. I grew up being so close to both sets of my grandparents and they were a HUGE influence on my life. This will be a new chapter that i'm going to have a hard time getting use to. I am at least praying that my sweet, loving, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, caring Mother will move down to San Antonio when the baby is here!!!!!!!!! wink wink Mom :) My mom will be called Grammi-Lan! (Her real name is Lee Ann and you can thank Rebecca Gunter for the "Lan" we have no clue why she calls my Mom that but we like it)

I will hopefully know the sex of the baby within the next couple of weeks and will be sure to post when we find out! For now little Ella Claire or Davis is still growing!

I love you baby Dorrough! More than I ever thought I could love anyone. I can't wait for the day that I can hold you in my arms and squeeze you. I long for that morning when I wake up and see you at home peeking over the top of your crib smiling at me in your cute little footed PJ's! You are a gift from God and His plans for you are so great!