Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Months

I'm so in love with my little 2 month old girl. She weighs a whopping 11lbs now! She is smiling and cooing. It's the best feeling in the world to see her smile when she sees me. You talk about a heart melt.......

I just finished my first week back at work. It is bitter sweet. I'm so happy to be back doing what I love doing but I'm sad that I can't be lazy any more ;) So thankful to have Becca watching her for me. She is the best nanny in the world. Not to mention one of the most loyal selfless people i've ever met. She does what she says she is going to do even if it's an inconvenience and she loves my daughter with all her heart! Thanks Aunt Bicky Jo!

 While I was on maternity leave I enjoyed every minute of it. Ella and I spent time with family and friends. We went to the pool to get some sun several times. Slept late. Watched movies. Napped (sort of). Went for walks. Played at the neighbors. Did Pilates. Went to Zumba. Strolled around Target. Snuggled. Spent extra time with Daddy. 

(this is Ella's version of getting sun at the pool)

We invited our selves over to play with Gibson. I found out that she loves the swing that he has. She isn't much of a napper....well until we discovered that a tight swaddle, in the swing, with the paci does the trick. She will sleep 2 to 3 hours in it! AMAZING! As a matter of fact she is asleep behind me in the swing right now. She's been there since 1:30 and it's 4:30 now! She will be one happy girl at Gibson's first birthday party tonight. 

Since tomorrow is father's day, i'll take this time to thank my husband for being such a great dad to Ella. He is attentive and when we are spending family time together he is "here"! Not distracted by tv or work or whatever other worries are going on. He is with us. He is helpful! He changes diapers like a pro. Yes poopy ones too! Most of all he loves our little girl. She is looking more and more like him everyday. I love you J. I honor you. I respect you.

(our attempt at a family pic)

(I put my hands up there playin my song....)

I'm counting every blessing and i'm excited about this new phase of life. God is speaking, moving, transforming, and showing me new things. I feel like a new person. A new creation in Christ.