Monday, February 14, 2011

32 Weeks!

I am 32 weeks this week! WOW how quickly it has gone by. We had our last sono this morning. It was amazing to say the least. We haven't seen her in 12 weeks. She looked perfect. Our Dr. said she was a small baby and shouldn't weight more than 7lbs at birth. Yay for me ;) Here is a video of some of the sono from today. You can see her face as she is sucking and sticking her tongue out. The last part you can see that she has her fingers in her mouth. SO CUTE!

(excuse the poor quality, thanks)

Some days I just go sit in the chair in her nursery and dream of what it will be like to have her here with us and at the same time treasure each moment that she is still with me in the womb. I have such mixed emotions about her arrival. I'm beyond excited and super anxious but just as scared as any first time mom would be. Facing the unknown. I don't like any "unknowns". I like to KNOW! Lets face it i'm nosey and impatient and like to know every detail of what will happen. God is still working on me in these areas.

I have been feeling really good and very much enjoying this part of my pregnancy. Feeling her move all the time is great. J got a little freaked out last night because she was really trying to stick some "limb" out. Pretty great watching his reaction.

We have had a great weekend! We went to the rodeo Saturday and saw CLAY WALKER! Oh YEAH! Heather and I saw him when we were kids several times and thought it would be fun to relive our childhood memories. It was fun! Here are a few pics!

These cowboys are nuts!!

We are excited! (this is before Heather's power nap on Brent's shoulder!)

We ran into some friends and fam!

That is my "monster bag" of cotton candy! (stop judging me! ;)

My Blue Eyed Hunk!

The blurry man behind Brent was very ummm drunk and annoying and also smoking a huge cigar. Brent was creating a "block" for us!

My goal is to do a little better at updating my blog. But who knows..... :)