Monday, July 11, 2011


Just thought i'd do a fun little post about things that make me excited!

Custom Birth Announcement
I made this cute birth announcement for Ella's room on Photoshop. I had it printed on an 8x10 canvas at Walmart. They even shipped it to my house for free! I haven't actually hung it up yet but I will soon or J will. Does anyone else have a husband who refuses to let you "just eye-ball it"? All things in our house are perfectly center and level. :) ps If you'd like to have one of these custom made for you I can do it! I'll be opening up a shop soon with very cute prints! I'm so excited about it and i've been working on several other things to put in the shop!

No Bake Cookies

These cookies are AMAZING! They are super easy and you probably have all the ingredients at your house already! Here is the recipe I used. Peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate! I mean who wouldn't be excited about that?? 

Organized Bottles

I feel excited in my stomach when I walk by and see that Ella's bottles are drying in an organized fashion! Who's with me on this?...anyone.?...ok, yeah so maybe just me.

Lazy Mondays 

I love having Mondays off with J. On Sunday nights I get excited when I think about monday. "it's Monday Monday" (my version of the song "Friday") I say "lazy" but usually they consist of catching up on things around the house. But sometimes we sneak in a nap. J is trying to sneak in one of those naps in this picture but I keep turning the light on to take pics. 

Orange Nails

Having my nails painted just plain makes me happy. I get excited every time I see them. I hate long nails and i've never had fake ones because I don't think they can do them that short. But I absolutely love having them painted. J usually paints my toe's....go ahead.."awwww" I know, I know, sweet right?

Jack Bauer

"Jack Bauer test positive for steroids. Not because he takes steroids, it's because steroids are made from Jack Bauer." We cancelled our cable last year so we started finding shows to watch on Netflix. 24 is great! We are now on season 4 and Jack Bauer is still kicking butt! Modern day Walker Texas Ranger for sure. I get excited when I hear the ticking clock...

New Jewelry

I was so excited yesterday when Laura handed me my order from Splendor. Her jewelry is really cute and very reasonable. I immediately opened it and switched out my earrings and put on the ring! Please check out her store here to purchase some new jewels for yourself. 

Ella Napping

This is obviously not a great picture since she is swinging in her swing. I get excited when Ella naps because I can do things like blog, nap, clean, eat, use the know normal things!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Leave a comment and let me know what makes you excited?? 


  1. Ok, first let me say you NEED to post that recipe on! It's a great recipe and EASY! Ok, anyway, I LOVE the birth announcement print! I'm would love to order one from you when baby #2 gets here in December! So put me on your list. I totally agree with you on the bottles-lined-up thing, it makes me happy too :) One thing that makes me most excited is when my house is CLEAN! The floor is clear of toys and the sink is empty of's just getting there that's not exciting. Another thing that makes me excited.... re-doing things. For example, I'm just about to start re-finishing a rocking chair I got from a garage sale. I complain throughout the process, but I get so excited when I see the finished product.

  2. I will be your first customer for a birth announcement! I will push Jada out of the way, I don't care if she is pregnant! ;) No but really, so Mia is 7 months old, it is never too late to annouce her birth, right?? Loved this post. Very fun. Thanks for shout out. Hollah!

  3. Hmm well I get excited when Brinley laughs out load (it's adorable!) or When she learns something new actually I dont think I get excited I am over joyed watching her learn!
    When Cadence tries to calm Brinley down without me even saying anything to her..and especially when she says things and I realize she pays attention go EVERYTHING an she is soo smart..I know all parents think that but Cadence really is haha!
    I'm right there with Jada..I L-O-V-E my house being clean and moped, dusted, dishes washed, laundry done and the list could go on!! Getting all that accomplished is definitely not exciting! I wish there was a fast forward button in situations like that!! 
    I think though After Brinley was born the most excited I had been was last week when I was asked to be a lead a work...I was beyond flattered when I was told I was appreciated and people actually noticed how hard I worked and my I was thinking I was just doing what I was suppose to be doing!
    So in the end feeling loved, appreciated and needed is truly what makes my heart Race and feel content..
    Oh and being organized..I took a picture of how I dry Brinley's bottles I couldn't post it on here so I just posted it on you wall..I'm very proud of my drying method haha!!

  4. are those the cookies you make for lisa?

    and is the large bloom vintage cream necklace?!?!??! cause i ordered that one!

  5. I'm with the other girls...I would love a birth info canvas thing for my babies rooms!!! Very very cute and exciting!! I will place an order as soon as you get it up and going (:

  6. Thanks everyone for being EXCITED for me :) So glad you all like the birth announcement!!! Can't wait to get it up and running!

    Dina - Yes those are the cookies I made for Lisa! I'm guessing you must have tried one? and Yes that is the vintage cream necklace. I love it!!

  7. I'm gonna need 4 beautiful canvases....I know the dates, you can go ahead and make up the rest....they'll never know ;) jk I'll start looking for the info! No bake ANYTHING is exciting in this heat....gheez Louise! And I LOVE anything that's organized or's just such a rare thing for me that the PROCESS doesn't ever soon as I get one thing clean the one I just left is a mess....or it's time to cook AGAIN...I mean really? Eating 3 times a day is just overrated, once should work fine, right? :D Love you, love the blog, EXCITED to see this post and EXCITED to see the next one~!


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