Friday, April 1, 2011

Showering With Love

My fabulous friends gave me a fabulous baby shower! (i've been wanting to use the word fabulous!)
I can't say thank you enough for all they did. It was perfect! When I moved to Texas one of my biggest fears was never finding close friends. So thankful for SO MANY amazing people in my life!!!

To everyone who came to the shower, THANK YOU!!! It meant so much to me that you were there to share in this special time in my life and that you are so happy for me! Each and everyone of you have a special place in my heart.

I'm forever grateful to my mother who helped me organize, wash, and put everything away. She was so much help. She bought my shower outfit and clothes for the hospital and some other things I wasn't too happy about and possibly had a minor melt down in The Gap over but pushed through :) Thanks Mom!

Here are a few pics from the shower. If I took a pic with you and it's not up it's more than likely because I had a double chin in it so don't take it personally!
 :)} <------- That's my double chin!

This quilt is a combined effort from J's grandmother (who passed away) and his mom. I LOVE IT! Such a special gift!!

I Love these girls!

That lamp shade from Ella's Aunt Hay is a sneak peak at the nursery! 

This banner made by Kristen is beautifully located above Ella's book shelves in her room.

Tres Leches from Lara N. Doesn't get much better than that! The felt balls in the vases were made by Kristen as well. There is one more that you can kind of see in the background on the small table. Those have ribbon attached to them and are now hanging in her room! Such a great gift!

So glad my mom was able to celebrate with us. We are counting down the days until she is officially a Texan!

J's wonderful family! I love you!!!!!!!!



Sarah and Rachel so glad you came!

Jenn and Del



Bec and Lisa. Thank you for always carrying, picking up, moving, opening, giving, and doing practically all things physical for me at church! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!!

Only 2 weeks left! I promise to put some pictures of the nursery up very soon! 

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