Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Going to Haiti

Our church {Revolution Church} supports an orphanage of 48 kids in Haiti. We do this because God has called us to it. Our orphanage is in need of a team of people to come and get a few things done. The main thing needing to be done is building a wall. It currently has 3 large walls surrounding the land. This makes it an easy target for thieves and kidnappers. Our team will build the 4th wall closing the grounds entirely making it a much safer refuge for our orphans. 

{Here is a picture of where we will build the 4th wall}

I personally feel called to take action. I will be traveling with a team of 14 people to Haiti November 4th-10th. I truly feel like this will be a life changing experience for me. I know we will be there to change lives but I know 100% that it will change mine the most. My heart for orphans is huge. Huge enough that our family will be adopting in the future. This will be our first step and a glimpse into why we feel so strongly to take action and be a change in a child's life. 

First and foremost I'm asking you to PRAY! Here is a list of things you can specifically pray for.

  • Safety
  • Smooth Travel 
  • Our families to manage without us for a week
  • Against attack from the enemy in our lives, our family, & our children. 
  • Success and completion of the 4th wall
  • People will be come to know Jesus Christ
  • Funding for our team to be received in full
Second i'm asking for you to UNLEASH GENEROSITY. I personally need to raise $1,600. This will cover the cost of the entire trip including meals. I am believing that God will provide the funds for all of our team members to go. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to help. Every little bit counts and is appreciated more than you can imagine. The impact of your gift will literally reach around the world and touch the lives of many. 

If you would like to give with a debit or credit card just let me know your e-mail and how much and i'll send you a link to paypal. You can leave a message in the comment section or you can email me {}. 

You can mail a check to me as well. Just leave a comment or email me {} and I will send you the address of where to mail it. 

My heart is full and I'm so excited for this opportunity. Can't wait to share it with you!

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or whatever way you talk to people.}

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